Practice with the Latest Updated Free PTE Sample Questions for 2020

Achieve your targeted score with the help of an online free PTE practice platform with a section-wise practice test. The latest question banks are updated with the Prediction file of 2020 for free PTE practice.

The new free PTE mock test questions for 2020

The latest question of 2020 for free PTE practice is updated every month from the prediction file to give you an advantage in the real exam. Free PTE practice is the best ally for your practice material and helps you to achieve your target score.

PTE Writing 2020 practice Questions

The questions like Write an essay and Summarize written text in PTE Writing have the latest topics included in the 2020 PTE question banks for the free PTE practice.

PTE Speaking 2020 practice Questions

The PTE Speaking, which includes Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Retell lecture, Answer Short Question all are updated and given at PTE Updates. The latest 2020 question for PTE Speaking is added for the students to pass the PTE exams.

PTE Reading latest 2020 free practice Questions

This section includes Reading & Writing fill in the blanks, Reading Fill in the blanks, Re-order paragraph, Multiple choice Multiple Answers, and Multiple choice single answer is key areas where every PTE aspirants need to improve.

PTE Listening 2020 practice questions

In the PTE Listening section, you will get Summarize Spoken text, Listening fill in the blanks, Highlight correct summary, Select Missing words, Multiple choice Multiple Answers, and Multiple choice single, Highlight Incorrect words, and Write From Dictation. This PTE prediction files which are updated each month will help you to cover the marks for the most important question for the PTE exam.

We are Online leading practice platform

We deliver the real-time environment, which prepares the candidate for the PTE test with the help of PTE mock tests with the latest 2020 PTE question banks. The PTE practice test will boost your confidence before the actual test. The test includes Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening section.

We help to target your score for the PTE exam

With a sample answer for all the four sections, PTE Updates gives you insight on the exam platform and the question to be asked for the exam. The exam questions are added from the recently asked question. With the intuitive graphical to give a real-time environment. The PTE mock test with evaluation will give you an in-depth analysis of the exam along with the suggestion on your mistakes.

Free PTE Mock Test Features

1. Free PTE mock test helps you to improve your scores for individual Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.
2. The repeated question to make you prepare for the real PTE exam and gives you an advantage over the other preparation materials.
3. Curated PTE content with the sample answers and correct answers to tackle your mistakes.

PTE Practice Test with Sample Question 2020

Target individual section from Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening to improve the weak areas. Get the latest 2020 PTE question for the practice to get your desired score.

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