1. Get your passport ready a night before the exam.

2. Be relax and never get stressed.

3. Try to reach 30min, before on the exam place, before your exam starts.

4. Never recall the words or notes, try to get relax all the time.

5. Always get your microphones checked by invigilator.

6. Don’t introduce yourself in full details:

7. Just mention, My name is ——– and I’m taking the PTE Academic Test. My future planes…….. Why take test…… about hobbies……….

8. When you get on the record and playback option, always double check your microphones, whether recording properly or not.

9. Fix the position of microphone in a correct position near to your position, don’t play with any other button on the equipment e.g. trying to increase microphone volume, always get it done by invigilator.

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