Listening: Fill in the Blanks Sample Test 1

PTE listening fill in the blanks practice exercise. PTE listening practice exercise-fill in the blanks You will hear a recording. Fill the missing word in each blank.

1. Listen to the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

The social media companies acted on a tip from cybersecurity firm FireEye, which __________ what it said were a number of accounts promoting Iranian propaganda. Facebook then reportedly linked the accounts – including 76 Instagram pages – to Iranian state media, according to the company ____________. It added that further “misleading behavior” was also traced to Russia, but that the activity did not appear to be linked to the Iranian campaign it had __________. Some of the campaigns, which date back to 2011, featured content about Middle East politics in Arabic and Farsi. The accounts also shared content about politics in the UK and the US in English, Facebook said. Other ___________ that linked to sources previously identified by the US government as Russian military intelligence services were also removed from the site. The company added that it had shared the __________ of its investigations with the US and UK governments.

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revealed, statement, uncovered, accounts, findings
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