Listening: Fill in the Blanks Sample Test 2

PTE listening fill in the blanks practice exercise. PTE listening practice exercise-fill in the blanks You will hear a recording. Fill the missing word in each blank.

1. Listen to the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Children are developing permanent problems with their vision because they are not being given eye tests early enough, optometrists have warned.An Association of ___________ survey of 1,200 people indicated a quarter of school-age children had not been taken for a sight test by their parents.Of parent’s________, 52% thought tests would be given in primary school.While some schools do offer screening, the tests are less _________ than those provided free on the NHS.Delayed diagnosis can make treatment for sight problems such as amblyopia, known as “lazy eye”, much less effective.Jane Thompson’s daughter, Eve, was __________ with amblyopia at the age of seven.The optometrist in her case said it was too late to try eye-patching for Eve, although __________ glasses have helped improve her vision.Jane, from West Yorkshire, said: “It made me feel like a terrible parent, really, because you want to do your best by your children and then finding out that there is a problem that could’ve been sorted earlier, but you weren’t aware of it, was really hard to handle.”

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optometrists, surveyed, comprehensive, diagnosed, prescription
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