Listening: Fill in the Blanks Sample Test 3

PTE listening fill in the blanks practice exercise. PTE listening practice exercise-fill in the blanks You will hear a recording. Fill the missing word in each blank.

1. Listen to the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Meet Dilys Price, an 86-year-old grandmother who is the world’s oldest solo female parachutist – and now the face of a _________ fashion brand.The teacher-turned-daredevil is not what you might expect from someone of her age – and now she can add being a Helmut Lang model to her CV.As one of the stars of the fashion brand’s ‘Women of Wales’ autumn collection campaign, she is seen dancing and laughing in a _________ blue suit.The¬†photos and videos¬†– which also feature an 86-year-old former __________director and the 77-year-old mother of the late New Romantic singer Steve Strange – have been shared on social media and in fashion magazines, such as Grazia, i-D and The Pool.Aged 54, divorced, bringing up her son and going through what she describes as a midlife crisis, Dilys decided to do a skydive for charity.
She had been scared of heights but as she _________ through the air, she said a fire inside her was sparked – and she was hooked.She decided to go to America to train – buying a trailer in Orlando, Florida, and later in Arizona – before going on to complete 1,139 solo skydives and ___________ jumps all over the world.She is no ordinary skydiver – with a background in drama and dance, Dilysspecializes in air acrobatics and free styling, saying “you just feel so free”.

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global, striking, funeral, floated, parachute
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