Listening: Fill in the Blanks Sample Test 4

PTE listening fill in the blanks practice exercise. PTE listening practice exercise-fill in the blanks You will hear a recording. Fill the missing word in each blank.

1. Listen to the audio and type the missing word in each blank.

Robel was in the car for around 40 minutes, until they reached a service station on the autobahn. He watched as the BMW drove off. A television________ arrived and interviewed him. “That’s when I suddenly went weak at the knees. I realized what I’d done. I realized that I could now easily be dead,” he says.The drama came to a sudden and violent ___________ a few kilometres further down the autobahn, 54 hours after it had begun.
Finally given the command to strike, the police ambushed the BMW, ramming it from the side. A gun ________ ensued. Pictures show Rösner and Degowski, once the dust had settled, _________, noses to the tarmac. Marion Löblich was also captured. Ines Voitle had scrambled to safety in a ditch beside the road.But nothing could be done for Silke Bischoff. She’d taken a bullet in the chest from Rösner’s gun and died at the scene.”It was a shock,” he says. “I’d been sitting next to her only a few minutes earlier.”Back in his office he sat down to write a__________ eyewitness story.

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crew, conclusion, battle, handcuffed, remarkable
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