PTE Highlight Correct Summary Sample Test 2

PTE Academic listening highlight correct summary practice exercises and tips.This is an item type that integrates listening and reading skills and requires test takers to understand, analyze and combine information from a recording, and then identify the most accurate summary of the recording.

Choose the best summary:

1. The Rosetta Stone was found in an ancient Egyptian temple and there was Latin written on it. Scholars took many years to decipher it and Thomas Young made the first important discovery about it.
2. Some French soldiers found the Rosetta Stone in 1799 and it contained information in three languages. Thomas Young discovered about eighty words in each text that were similar and then Jean-Francois Champollion wrote a grammar and a dictionary of hieroglyphics.
3. The text on the Rosetta Stone became the key to understanding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. On it there are eighty words in the Demotic and hieroglyphic texts that were similar to words in ancient Greek. However, scholars were still unable to figure out the alphabet for hieroglyphics.

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