PTE Highlight Incorrect Words Sample Test 1

Hear recording carefully and find out the incorrect words which are different from the transcription and what the speaker(s) said. This type of question requires you to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription.

1. Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words.

Management is paramount to run any project successfully in any organization. To run the projects smooth, planning is the critical step before initiation of the project. Out of which, rate management is the preponderant one. Many projects finish unsuccessfully without proper budget or cost management. Project can be sometimes over budget because of miserable team of the project or to have client with confusion. In order to end up there projects successfully, appropriate and accurate planning is required. Management members including the staff members must make their cost budget plan before starting of the project in any organization. It is important because sometimes a success of budget in small projects can even harm the other big projects of the company. To make the proper budget, manager must understand the work properly and also must know that how the work will be done and what it will cost and lastly, what will be positives in doing such a project. In fact, one must gather everything needed in the project and also about their cost in order to remove the hindrances in the success of the project and to run any project appropriately.

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