PTE Highlight Incorrect Words Sample Test 3

Hear recording carefully and find out the incorrect words which are different from the transcription and what the speaker(s) said. This type of question requires you to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription.

1. Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words.

Since industry cannot grow without markets and sources of capital, similarities in the economic “preconditions” for industrial enrichment have been identified. These bases for the development of an industrial section include an available labor force, vendors for finished production, access to raw materials (whether at home or through foreign trade), a source of investment costs (whether from the wealth and savings of the private sector, from the accumulations of the public sector, or from abroad), and, finally, access to technology. The last has in every case necessitated the intensive development of mass education, because reach to technology on a large scale means, ultimately, access to science. 

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development, sector, markets, funds, extensive, access
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