PTE Summarize Spoken Text Sample Test 3

You will hear a short report. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present. You should write 50-70 words in 10 minutes to finish the task. Here is the PTE Listening Test – Summarize Spoken Text

1. Listen to the audio and summarize it in your own words.

Another thing we emphasize in the report as we see this huge difference between the Millennium Development Goals between rural and urban areas. Any principle of course the millennium development goal I show basic; I’m not talking about having access to university or even secondary schooling in the rural areas. We talk purely about completion of primary schooling that we talk about maternal health of mothers not dying when they’re delivering kids in rural area vs. suburban area. Two principles these are goals we should achieve across geographical space. But very often but we see that their resource constraints and governments particularly in a much poorer country is our cannot necessarily deal with everything at the same time. So it means that what is our constraints priorities have to be set, and one has a sequence runs interventions and bonds expenditure programs. So in the reports we are saying if you are still very low urbanized country or region, like for example sub-Saharan Africa, then maybe you should focus on like cabling people with those skills so they can use in urban areas but also in rural areas or vice versa. So get people healthy, get people educated first so that if they can be more productive rural citizens but also if they would decide to move to urban areas they are because they expect better jobs so they also better-educated have potentially the skills to participate in a more manufacture-oriented society like urban areas of them are. If you already much more urbanized, then you might actually really want to focus on all the entities. If you are more urbanized, you are richer and you have much less of resource constraints related to these very basic development outcomes at the end.

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The reports focuses on the huge difference between Millennium Development Goals between rural and urban areas, which are basic goals like completion of primary schooling and maternal health of mothers. Because of scarcity of resources and poverty, poor countries should firstly focus on getting rural citizens healthy, skilled and educated. As these countries become richer and urbanized, they can focus on higher quality development goals.
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