PTE Reading: Fill in the blanks Sample Test 1

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Real Exam Questions – Listen to recording carefully to fill the missing space in the passage. These type of questions tests listening and writing skills.

Reading: Fill in the Blanks Question Practice 1

1. Select the words from the box to fill the gap in the paragraph.

Impressionism was an art movement of the 19th century, which began as a private association of Paris-based artists who exhibited publicly in 1874. The term impressionism ___________ from art critic Louis Leroy, who commented on Monet’s painting ‘Impression: Soleil Levant’. Leroy said that it indeed was just an impression and that the work could not be considered finished. The Impressionists adopted this term and decided to use it for their own __________. Early Impressionist painters were __________ in their time, breaking many of the rules of picture making that had been set by earlier __________. Up until the Impressionists, history had been the accepted __________ of subject matter for paintings.

Generations, cost, source, radicals, benefit, belief, originated


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1. intelligence 2. mysterious 3. evidence 4. bursts 5. powering

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