PTE Reading & Writing Fill In The Blanks Sample Test 5

PTE Academic reading writing fill in the blanks practice exercise PTE Academic reading writing fill in the blanks practice exercise. Below is text with blanks. From the boxes given below, choose the correct word for each blank to complete the text.

1. Read the passage and answer the following question.

I have a weakness in my personality, for pride is one of the human traits that I do possess. I am known as a dictator among my __________. Sometimes I am called a boaster. Some have always been complaining that I am bossy and I force others to __________ my opinion. Yes, it is true to some extent. I do not deny thischarge. As far as the contemptible, obsolete, rotten values of our society are ___________, I am an extreme skeptic. But this question does not concern my person alone. It is being proud of my ideas, my ________. It cannot be called empty pride. Pride, or you may use the word, vanity, both mean an exaggerated ____________ of one’s personality.

1. Family, school, friends, adolescents, personnel
2. Agree, accept, familiar, agreement, likely
3. Concerned, connected, discharged, monumental, skeptic
4. Think, thoughts, read, perception, complaints
5. Assessment, experiment, experience, levy, benevolence

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friends, accept, concerned, thoughts, experience
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