5 Tips to improve your PTE reading fill in the blanks

In PTE reading fill in the blanks, you need to drag and drop the appropriate answer into the blanks. This question type will test your grammar skills. Using collocation will help you to answer correctly during the exam.

In PTE reading fill in the blanks, you will get 4 to 5 question types during the exam. Your response for Reading fill in the blanks is judged on your ability to answer using contextual and grammatical cues to identify words that complete blanks.

What to expect in PTE reading fill in the blanks?

A passage will be provided with few words that will be missing and which is replaced by blanks. The blanks will be anywhere between 3 to 6 blanks. There will be the option provided in the blue box, which you can drag and drop in the blanks. However, the number of options will almost double than the blanks provided. So, choose the option wisely.

The passage will be around 80 to 100 words ranging from the subject of literature, politics, or even academics.

Scoring in PTE reading fill in the blanks

You will get 1 mark for each correct blanks placed in the gap. There are no negative marks for a wrongly placed word in the blank. Your credit is added only to the Reading section. Please note if you are targeting 79+ score in the exam, then it is very much important that you make at least 3 to 4 questions fully correct.

You can improve your collocation list by practicing with the PTE practice test. This will help you to build your tips and tricks before appearing for the real exam.

The right approach to tackle PTE reading fill in the blanks

This question type is a bit tricky in terms of time. As it will utilize most of your time and you will end up the missing question in the reading section. So, it is very much important that you spend a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes per question and move forward after guessing the answer.

The right approach we are talking about is to uphold speed and accuracy while maintaining sincerity.

Well talking about the practicing in this section, a candidate should concentrate on developing speed in reading, i.e how efficiently you can read the text along with understanding the crux of the text. It is also important to identify the meaning of words, vocabulary, and grammar.

Some Useful Tips

1. Manage your time effectively

Managing time in the reading section is very much important. You should develop a technique where you can read the text and try to guess the answer by being collocation words fit in the blanks. There is a list of collocation available online at the Pearson website, which will help you to develop your list which will help you in the exam. By the end of it, you will know the basics, i.e. whether the word would be noun, verb, adjective, etc. and what meaning will it have.

2. Use the elimination strategy

Always remember that there will be an extra option then the blanks. You use the elimination strategy to choose the correct answer. Eliminate the words which you are sure is not fit for the blanks and try to choose the best bit blanks. This will increase your chance of a correct answer. Implement this technique in the PTE practice test online, where this will help you to build your confidence for the exam. Do remember practicing online PTE practice test is very much important to secure your targeted score.

3. Expand your vocabulary

In PTE reading fill in the blanks, it is all about the knowledge of grammar and collocation list. This means gradually time by time, you need to develop your vocabulary list to crack this one. You can consider reading academic literature where you can develop your vocabulary list. Don’t try to remember vocabulary, instead use that word in a sentence. The list of all the possible collocation is available at the Pearson site, you can take a reference for the preparation.

4. Practice grammar

Grammar plays a pivotal role in this question type. You should always clear your basic grammar, so choosing the right word in the blanks will make your work easier and increase the chance of choosing the right answer. Also, the text will give you a hint about the adjective used along with the word, which will make your work easier.

5. Give a final check

Once you finish dropping the correct answer in the blanks, take your time to double-check the answer. The best way to check the answer is to read the text bit loudly and understand the meaning of the text. If you feel the word doesn’t convey the meaning to the sentence, try replacing the word with the best fitted. As, once you move on to the next question, you will not be able to change the option. So, make sure you are 100 percent confident about the answer.

All said and done, if a candidate prepares strategically for PTE Academic it is not very difficult to achieve their targeted scores. Additionally, there is an online PTE practice test available to help you to implement these five tips which are explained above. It is also important that candidates should try to develop their trick by giving as much online PTE practice test they can. Moreover, the PTE mock test available online which provides a real-time environment will help you to get familiar with exam patterns, to avoid any last minutes blunders.

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