Tips For PTE Highlight Correct Summary

In the test, there are 2-3 tasks for PTE Highlight Correct Summary. For each task, you listen to the audio then click the buttons next to the summary you think is correct.


Listening from Multiple – choice, choose multiple answers type to the end of Listening tasks are not timed individually. You can refer to the timer in the upper right-hand corner of the computer screen, ‘Time remaining’ which counts down the time remaining for the Listening part.


  • Note keywords in the audio question while audio is playing.
  • Skim the options within a given time.
  • Be aware of plurals, don’t read wrongly.
  • Most times answers are paraphrased.
  • Catch the end of words and listen to the ending of the topic, you can catch the correct answer.
  • Concentrate on repeated words; they will help in finding answer text while listening to audio.
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