Tips to improve PTE listening section marks

PTE Listening skill test is an easy one if an individual is attentive enough to listen carefully and follow every section of the test.

Listening is the last section of the PTE exam, and may it is an easy and scoring section amongst all the sections. However, as it is the last section, time management is the key factor for the students. Many candidates due to lack of time management unable to attempt the last sets of questions, and as a result, they are unable to achieve their targeted score.

In the Listening section, below are the question types which are asked in the exam:

1. Summarize spoken text
2. Multiple choice Multiple answers
3. Fill in the blanks
4. Highlight correct summary
5. Multiple choice choose a single answer
6. Select missing words
7. Highlight incorrect words
8. Write from dictation

Although it is easy, it should Be taken seriously:

Listening tests should be taken seriously as it may help you to acquire high scores. You should always keep in mind that you just get one chance to listen to the tape and you should listen to it attentively. Try to grasp the meaning of what is being said. This helps you to predict what you might have missed while hearing the tape.

Listening is the easiest and most scoring section for the PTE exam, however, if it is taken lightly it can lower your score drastically. As the test is 3 hours long with just 10 minutes optional break, many times students coming to the end of the exam lose their concentration.

As a result, they make simple mistakes in spelling or in time management. So, students should try to practice for sitting for 3 hours to create an atmosphere of the real exam during their practice sessions.

The best way to create an environment of the real exam is to appear the full-length PTE mock test. This will help you to make practice for sit longer period having full concentration.

Make use of erasable note pad:

Erasable note pad will come handy during the PTE Listening section. It will be hard for any person to listen and write along with the speaker. So, you must use an erasable note pad to note down the key point for summarizing spoken text. This note pad will also come handy for the fill in the blanks, where it will reduce your chance of making mistakes for spellings. Please make sure that you check your marker before the start of the exam and try to put a cap back on if you are not using the marker. It is always better to take an extra marker while giving the exam, in case it can come handy if one doesn’t work.

Time management:

PTE is all about managing time effectively during the exam. If you spend more time on the question which carried fewer marks, then it will decrease your chance of getting a lower score. As this is the last section, students will feel a bit tired and lose concentration and can sidetrack from the exam. It is always important that you should attempt all the questions for the listening part, especially Write from Dictation question. This question type carried more marks than any other question type. PTE write from dictation plays a pivotal role in targeting your desired score. To make sure you can attempt the last question, practice with the help online PTE practice test, and PTE mock test. This can boost your confidence help to develop your tactics for the PTE exam.

Avoid Negative Marking:

Questions such as Multiple choice Multiple answer, Highlight incorrect words carries negative marking. So, you must choose the option if you are 100 percent sure about the answer, or else you will get zero marks for the whole question. So always pay close attention to the speaker and try to listen till the end before choosing an answer.

Check Your Spellings:

Often students forget to focus on the spellings and grammar they are writing while answering from the recording. You should always check for grammatical and spelling errors at the end of the test so that you do not lose marks unnecessarily.

Spelling is the key factor for getting full marks for the Listening section. In the fill in the blanks or write from dictation, it can create a big difference in getting your targeted score for the Listening section. So, always double-check the spellings before moving on to the next question.

PTE mock test your best ally:

Online PTE mock tests or PTE practices tests are available readily by which you can practice before the PTE exam. One must at least appear 7 to 8 full mock tests and try to analyze their mistakes and improve on them. Practice for sitting 3 hours in a stretch without losing concentration is key for attempting all questions correctly. Additionally, appearing PTE scored mock will boost your confidence to help you overcome your weakness.

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