Common mistakes to avoid in PTE speaking


It’s not concerning what you know; it’s concerning how you express ahead of the examiner. It happens largely because of the oblivion of those mistakes. Failing PTE by giving a wrong impression will break your dream of following higher studies from abroad. PTE speaking section plays a big roll in PTE exam patterns.


But for PTE academic exam, many aspirants struggle to pass the PTE speaking, as it requires practice and guidance to even native speakers.

In the PTE speaking tests, even native English speakers created these silly mistakes and end up losing marks in the exam. PTE is a test that checks your ability to read, write, speak, and listen to the English language. By knowing the common mistakes, you’ll be able to rectify them by a couple of month’s practices.

Some common mistakes that students create in the speaking section are:

1) Adding Phrases to Stretch the Answers:

When students are unclear with their words or their motive of speaking, they scramble sentences out of the manner. At this point, they add fillers to manage the flow of sentences. The foremost unremarkably used fillers such as ah, um, err, aa, etc. As the algorithm is evaluating your speaking skills and not filling one, they ultimately deduct your marks for oral fluency. These fillers drain some time and break your link with the most purpose. For an instant, your words miss to produce the relevant info, the computer will penalize you for it.

Suggestion – it’s necessary to take care of perfect oral fluency to get high throughout PTE speaking section.

2) Frequent Use of Some Keywords:

Using ‘about’, ‘after’, ‘so’, ‘that’s why’ a lot of typically will lower down your score. PTE scoring algorithm will penalize students for using, again and again, the same words. Although the usage of the preposition is good, repeated usage will decrease your oral fluency marks.

Suggestion – Be clear and concise on what to mention and enrich your vocabulary to craft higher answers directly.

3) Fast-Pacing the Speech (Microphone could interpret you):

Many students oversupply info in minimum words to take care of fluency. They speak quickly to provide an honest impression, however as they speak quickly their voice gets misinterpreted and often recorded wrong in the microphone. It is always important to maintain the normal pace in which any native speaker can understand your speech.

Suggestion – Maintain a natural speed and be clear along with your words to achieve marks.

4) Broken Phrases and purposeless Sentences:

Adding random thought, beginning sentences with a verb, with inapplicable which means, is completed by most of the students. It might end in varied incomplete sentences. The algorithm checks your specific views during a coherent and well-structured manner. Committing these mistakes would reduce your marks in the exam. If you understand your mistake, then conjointly leave it, don’t get nervous, just move ahead with speaking normally.

5) Stopping oftentimes or Long Pauses

For PTE speaking, if you pause for more then 3 seconds in a stretch, the recorder will stop recording and you will lose marks for that particular section. So, it is always better you should speak while you are thinkings as well even if you have no idea about the topic.

Suggestion – At this point, you add phrases likable to your text, use of fillers ought to be avoided.

6) Speaking Inappropriately

PTE is a test which checks your ability to speak in a normal way in which a native speaker can understand your tone and fluency. Thus, you are required to use formal language while giving the exam.

Suggestion – Use short sentences, be coherent, beware if tense and mix them equally.

  • Tips to enhance PTE Speaking Section’s Results:
  • Try to manage your respiratory sound whereas recording. It produces uninteresting sound, creating your speech go obscure.
  • Don’t mush up your data, answer solely what you’re asked for.
  • Speak clear and loud.
  • Keep the microphone above your mouth away from the nose so the breathing sound doesn’t get recorded.
  • Don’t take more than 3 seconds pause, or else you will get zero for the question

PTE speaking section is to see your oral expressions. Now, as you recognize the common mistakes, attempt to avert them to urge a high score. For the speaking section, it always important that you are well prepared with the strategy and tips before appearing the exam. You can learn these tips and tricks by appearing in the PTE mock test for free. These PTE mock test will help you to enhance your ability to respond better during the exam. In PTE speaking, the candidate should listen to their answer once they finish the PTE mock test and try to improve on the mistakes that are done during the PTE test. You can also improve on the suggestion given by the platform after completing the PTE mock test.

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