Tips to improve PTE Summarize Written Text

PTE writing consists of Summarize written text and Essay writing. On exam, the candidate can get the writing section in the below format:

  1. 2 Summarize written text, 2 Essay (60 Minutes)
  2. 2 Summarize written text, 1 Essay (40 Minutes)
  3. 3 Summarize written text, 1 Essay (50 Minutes)

For the majority of the students, the PTE writing section is much more difficult than the other section, as time management is a key skill. If you have not developed a proper strategy or the template, it is difficult to complete the task at the time.

Also, it is a tedious task to summarize a given 200 to 250 words in a single sentence with grammatical correct form.

What to expect on exam day?

A text of around 200 to 250 words will be given. For which student has to summarize in a single sentence within the word limit of 5 to 75 words. There will be the button to Cut, Copy, Or Paste on the screen. You can directly use the sentence from the text as well.

Scoring for PTE summarize written text

You have to answer the question in a single word without using a full stop. The word limit is between 5 to 75 words. If you have increased the word limit then you will penalize for it.

Tips to improve PTE summarize written text in the exam

1. Focus on key points

From the text of 200 to 250 words, you should try to focus on the key points which try to highlight the whole passage. Try to eliminate the information which explains the main sentence. Also, avoid the example and the referring sentence. You can also ignore dates and figures which are given in the text. You can use the PTE practice test to improve summarize written text questions. The tips which you can learn should thoroughly be practiced over the online PTE practice test platform.

2. Learn to use proper complex sentence

A complex sentence is a double-headed sword for students in the exam. It important that if the complex sentence is used incorrectly and the sentence is grammatically incorrect, then it will reduce your scores. So regular practice and proper grammar knowledge are important. You can use commas, semi-colon to connect sentences.

3. PTE mock test is your best ally

Always student underestimates the power of the PTE mock test in the preparation. A good PTE scored mock test can boost your score significantly. If you are struggling to cope up with just one section, then you can opt for the PTE section-wise scored test. You can target an individual section for the practice. In this case, if you are struggling in the writing section, then you can appear the PTE writing section in PTE section-wise test.

4. User of connectors

To connect two sentences with a proper grammatical structure, then the connectors will come handy during the exam. There are several connectors that you can use to connect sentences, but few will be helpful. FANBOYS connectors short form which you can use.
F – For
A – And
N – Nor
B – But
O – Or
Y – Yet
S – So

5. Time management

Time management is a key aspect to complete the task at the time. You will be given 10 minutes to complete the task. So, you should divide time into 3 parts. First 1 to 2 minutes you should spend reading the text. Next 5 to 6 minutes you should write a summary of the text. In the last, you should spend on the correction of the sentence. You should make sure that you have used correct form grammar and punctuation. Effective time management can be done by appearing PTE scored mock test. Before appearing for the real exam, one should at least appear 7 to 8 score mock tests. This will give you a clear idea about your preparation.

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