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We have the collection of essay from the recently held exams. Our team also researched the following given PTE current essay topics and tried to prepare the best possible answer.

1. Write Essay Sample

Do you think card less society is realistic and why? what are the advantages and disadvantages?


The importance of carrying cards less in the present world was always a debatable topic. Many people claim that card fewer transactions are very beneficial to society. Others reject this notion and argue that these digital transactions are limited to urban life, not to the remote areas. In my opinion, the former proposition appears to be more rational. The following essay would further elaborate on both advantages and disadvantages of cardless payments in the modern world and thus lead to a plausible conclusion.

To start with, there are several benefits associated with digital transactions in the present world. Firstly, the benefit of a cashless economy is easier to track black money and illegal transactions happening in society. Secondly, it improves transparency with the cashless options throughout the country and society. Thirdly, it reduces the effort to carry cash and danger to avoid cash theft. For instance, recently in India, Prime Minister Modi has introduced digital transactions which reduced crime rates from 60% to 20%. This example clearly exemplifies us cashless transactions have numerous benefits to society and decrease in crime rates.

However, there are disadvantages of cardless transactions. People having half-knowledge of digital payments are exposed to cyber fraud and losing their hard-earned money to online scams. For instance, recently in the USA, a woman got a call from an unknown number stating that she won a lottery offer of 1 million and in order to receive that money, she needs to pay them 1000 dollars to process the gift amount. The above example clearly tells us people don’t have full knowledge and exposure to digital transactions. Moreover, distant remote villages may not have such advancements.
According to the arguments aforementioned, one can reach out to the conclusion that even though cashless transactions have some disadvantages it is beneficial to society and the economy of the country and further every country should go cashless and lead a secure life.

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