PTE Write Essay Sample Test 4

We have the collection of essay from the recently held exams. Our team also researched the following given PTE current essay topics and tried to prepare the best possible answer.

1. Write Essay Sample

The belching and unauthorized behavior is unacceptable in modern offices. How far you support this view? Give your response with justification.


In present modern offices, belching and unauthorized behavior is unacceptable was always a debatable topic. Many people in working in cooperate offices believe that employees behaving with such activities should be punished. I completely agree with the statement that such behaviors are not acceptable in office environments. The following essay would further elaborate the reasons why it is not encouraged in office premises with proper justifications and thus lead to a plausible conclusion.

Firstly, modern established companies and organizations are built with certain guidelines and policies under several categories to support the employees. Although belching is biological, it is inappropriate method of releasing air from your filled stomach and it is not accepted in social culture that we live today. It also disturbs others and makes them feel uncomfortable. For example, employee after having heavy lunch in afternoon releases a sudden gas through his mouth which will be very disturbing to other employees.

Secondly, good understanding between employers and employees is important for organizations grow but few employees do unacceptable behavior creates problematic situation. There are various situations which cause and for an employer have to deal with these problems accordingly and effectively. Some of the unauthorized problems such as accessing restricted content make a huge lose for employer. Furthermore, bullying other employees, bad manners, harassment, abusive language, aggressive and many more are some of the problems. From the above it can analyze that employee involved in such activities may also lead to termination.

According to the arguments aforementioned, one can reach out to conclusion that employees involving in belching and behaving against company policies will be treated with strict policies and sometimes organizations ask employees to put their resignations.

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